Gender and Identity 研究

关于 the Gender and Identity 研究 Minor

The Gender and Identity 研究 Minor, offered through the Department of Communication and Media, challenges 学生 to think critically about the intersecting aspects of identity, including sex assigned at birth, gender identity, 比赛, 种族, 性, and socioeconomic class. 除了, 学生 analyze the social institutions that influence identity, shaping individuals’ views of themselves and how they interact with others.


Below are the course requirements for the Gender and Identity 研究 Minor:

This does not replace official academic requirements in the university catalog. Enrolled 学生 will work with their 教师 advisor to ensure they meet all the requirements of their major.


  • GID 100: Introduction to Gender and Identity 研究
  • GID 300: Topics in Gender and Identity 研究
  • GID 400: Gender and Identity Theory

Select 6 semester hours in 2 different prefixes from:

  • ANT 200: Cultural Anthropology
  • ART 112: Women in Art
  • CHI 107: Exploring Chinese Culture I
  • CHI 108: Exploring Chinese Culture II
  • COM 314: Intercultural Communication
  • CRM 151: Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Any GER course
  • HIS 385: African American 历史
  • HIS 386: Women in America
  • LIT 306: African American Literature
  • LIT 307: Literature by Women
  • LIT 310: 研究 in LGBTQ+ Literature
  • NDI 347: Culture Wars and Cartman
  • POL 293: Introduction to Canada
  • PSY 269: Human Sexuality
  • PSY 309: Psychology of Women and Gender Development
  • PSY 407: Multicultural Psychology
  • REL 109: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • REL 204: Religions of the World
  • REL 210: Religion and Politics In America
  • REL 250: Religious Social Ethics
  • REL 309: Contemporary Religious Thought
  • SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 230: Contemporary U.S. Social Issues
  • Any SPA class
  • THR 322: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Theatre and Film
  • Other courses as approved by the Communication and Media Department Chair

For a more detailed academic schedule, or to ask questions about any of our majors, contact the 入学 Office at 入学 [at] 澳门银河网站.edu or (419) 448-2330.

加贝福特 '18

I think studying gender and identity at Heidelberg helped me to look at the world through different lenses than just my own. The biggest thing I learned was that everyone's experiences aren't yours, and there are a lot of people that have different experiences than you because of things that are out of anyone’s control.

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