Follow your passion

音乐 is a passion. Whether you have a passion for sharing it, 创建它, 或者教它, you’ll find support and guidance within Heidelberg’s School of 音乐 and 剧院. Whether you want to teach, perform, create, or inspire, Heidelberg is the place for music. All music majors receive free private lessons, recital opportunities, and the ability to interact with visiting professional musicians. You’ll be mentored by an experienced faculty musician and gain experience by participating in a wide variety of ensembles.

Degree Options

Heidelberg offers three degree options in music - a Bachelor of Arts degree (you select an emphasis in either traditional music or popular music), a Bachelor of 音乐 degree (you select either music education or music performance) and a Bachelor of 音乐 in 音乐 Performance degree (train to become a professional performer).


In a world where artists rarely have one passion or career goal, you’ll have the opportunity and flexibility to follow your creative pursuits. Whether pairing with a complimentary major outside of the arts (Computer Science, 心理学, Business) or your interests in many outlets within the arts (Composition, Arts Administration, Entrepreneurship), you’ll be guided – as a student artist – by faculty advisors into the multifaceted career paths that are commonplace in the 21st century.


Below is a sampling of courses offered in the School of 音乐 and 剧院.

  • 声乐教学
  • Marching Band Techniques
  • Audio Recording and Production
  • Opera and 音乐al 剧院
  • 美国爵士乐

For a more detailed academic schedule, or to ask questions about any of our majors, contact the 入学 Office at 入学 [at] 澳门银河网站.edu (入学[at]澳门银河网站[dot]edu) or 419-448-2330.

Joining the Program

After you decide Heidelberg is the place for you, and you've been accepted by the 入学 office, you can audition for the School of 音乐 and 剧院. All students interested in majoring in music and those interested in participating in ensembles need to complete an audition.