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Empowering Women by Building a Community

You experience life from a unique perspective, and at Heidelberg, we aim to empower women on our campus through a supportive environment of advocates. You’ll be challenged in the classroom to embrace your individual perspective, and you’ll relish in the camaraderie of your teammates, classmates and sorority sisters. Best of all, you’ll be part of a growing family of successful female alumni who are thriving in their respective fields, a connection you’ll maintain long after you graduate.

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Engage on Campus

As a woman on Heidelberg’s campus, you won’t be put in a box – you’ll be supported and encouraged as you explore your interests, passions, and new ideas. We understand that every student is multi-faceted and should feel confident and comfortable expressing all aspects of their identity on campus. You are unique, and your education should reflect what it means to be a professional woman. 

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组 & 事件

The campus community supports a wide variety of student organizations and clubs, including several groups and events that focus on women’s issues and interests such as Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity, the Berg Body Positivity Association, Greek Life, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, and True Beauty Day. 

Proven Success

When we say you'll have opportunities for growth and leadership, we have the stats to back it up. 

of Honors students are women
of student organizations have a women president
of science majors over the last five years have been women
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Patricia Adams Lecture Series

The Patricia Adams Lecture Series (PALS) introduces Heidelberg students to talented and accomplished women who have had a significant impact in their community or career field. The series provides extraordinary opportunities for all Heidelberg students to not just hear from, but meet, talk to and learn from extraordinary women in a variety of settings.

France Hall
France Residence Hall

Our historically renovated France Hall provides a women-only residential experience that enriches the lives of our students through camaraderie, leadership, innovation, and female faculty mentorship. France also houses our five sorority halls. 

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An Inclusive and Safe Community

Heidelberg welcomes and supports all students regardless of their sex, 性别, trans性别 status, 性别 identity, or 性别 expression. Through our actions, such as the creation of a Preferred Name Policy, 性别-neutral living options, Center for Survivor Empowerment, and Green Dot bystander training program, we hope to show our understanding of different perspectives, respond to the needs of our students, and prepare all community members for global citizenship by deepening their appreciation for diversity.

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Lo JacksonLo Jackson '21

Theatre Major

In just three years at Heidelberg, Lo has performed in multiple musicals, assisted with costumes/makeup, gained experiences as a company manager and assistant director, and traveled to Scotland to perform at a theatre festival.

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