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Adjunct Instructor in Education
Heidelberg University
Adjunct Instructor of Education
Director of Field Placements
Lavely-Shedenhelm Education Center 117
(419) 448-2089
Michele Castleman
Associate Professor of Education
Lavely-Shedenhelm Education Center 119
(419) 448-2129
Part-Time Assistant Coach
Heidelberg University
Isabel Chasney
Assistant Director of Admission
Heidelberg University
Graduate Assistant for Women's Softball
Seiberling Gymnasium
National Center for Water Quality Lab Technician
Gillmor Science Hall
(419) 448-2198
Daryl Close
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Computer Science
Heidelberg University
Greg Cooper
Athletic Director
Seiberling Gymnasium 127
(419) 448-2009
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Heidelberg University
Krammes Service Center
(419) 448-2390